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Thanks to my wide range of services, I can offer you individual work around the house.


Among other things, this includes:





  • Laying wall tiles and floor tiles

  • Laying marble and granite

  • Tile coverings for stairs, balconies and terraces

  • Grouting

  • Screed, cement screed and synthetic resin screed

  • Execution of commercial and public tile work




  • Drywall work

  • Demolition and disposal

  • Masonry, plastering and screeding work

  • Leveling wall and floor surfaces

  • New laying, renovations and conversions




  • Plumbing work

  • Professional sealing of the wet areas

  • Edging of bathtubs and shower trays




  • Building drying with the possibility of cavity drying

  • Moisture measurement : Fast, non-destructive measurement of tiles, organic building materials and wood

  • And much more !


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